You need to submit a government issued ID such as your driver’s license or your passport. Once your ID is uploaded it usually takes about 48 hours to get it verified

There is no limit as to how much you can charge your fans for your content.

A W9 Form is used for tax purposes. The W9 must be completed by ALL residents of the United States. This is simply for our records and declares that you are an independent contractor, allowing you to receive all of your revenue split without having taxes withheld, resulting in further deductions from your payouts.

Due to the nature of our business, we ask you to upload a proof of identity (ID card, Passport or Driver License) before being able to process payments with us.

Yet, we understand you want to remain anonymous. That is why we never share your personal info to third parties; and you can sign up to IndieBill with just an email, have a look around and decide whether or not to verify your identity later.

As soon as you get your account validated (we review submitted documents within 72 hours, but in special cases it could take up to 1 week) you will be able to share your payment pages to your customers and start selling.

If you need any help getting started, don’t hesitate to hit us up on the live chat !

FansConnected cannot be used to sell anything illegal (such as underage play or non consensual sex) nor anything which happens in the real world (such as dates, escorting and so forth). We also cannot be used to sell anything that infringes Visa or MasterCard content policies. For example we cannot accept the following (the list is non exhaustive) : scat play, content featuring the use of alcohol or other drugs, vomit play, content featuring blood coming from bodily harm, bestiality, extreme violence. We reserve the right to remove any page and or content at any time, as we see fit.

Yes, absolutely. We are an international company and process payments worldwide.

However, some countries are more likely to trigger our anti-fraud suite than others. For example, transactions from countries like Nigeria or the Philippines go through rather rarely.

We use a discreet legal name on bank statements to protect your customers’ privacy. We try not to write it everywhere so that it does not get indexed by Google, if you would like to know don’t hesitate to ask us on the live chat.

Minimum charge for subscriptions is $4.99 per month and fans can pay you a minimum of $5.00 for ‘Tips’. As for the upper limit, there is no limit on how much you can charge.

Whenever a chargeback happens, and you have made normal usage of FansConnected, we will cover the associated bank fees as well pay you out normally.

So far, we’ve covered 98% of chargebacks which happened, and in those cases our partners have been paid for 100% of the sales they’ve done with us.

We pay you 85% commission on all subscriptions, TIPS and private messages. The 15% fee we charge is to cover the payment processing, hosting and all other associated costs with running the FansConnected platform.


Visit our login page then click on “Forgot Password” button

If you are a US creator, you have the option to receive payment via Stripe direct deposit to your checking account or PayPal. If you’re an international creator, you will have the option to receive payment via Payoneer global bank deposit or through PayPal.

Simply search for your favorite Creator, find their account and click ‘Follow’. Once you complete the payment processing you will be now subscribed to their channel and you can enjoy exclusive content by your favorite Creator.

Yes, absolutely. FansConnected is a fully international product, we accept sellers and customers worldwide.

We do have an affiliate program for model referrals. We will grant you a special link to refer sellers as soon as your account is validated. You will earn 2% of whatever the people you’ve referred make, for a 12 months period.

We also have a B2C referral program which is not currently public. If you are interested in sending us customers, please reach out via the live chat.

You are not allowed to have multiple active accounts under one person.

You are allowed to upload up to 20 pictures at a time. For video file size limit is 5GB per upload.

Please contact our customer service at support@fansconnected.io from your registered email and request you want to delete your account.

When the live stream is running, you can right click on the video and click on ‘show controls’. After doing this, you can do the following:

  • Pause live screen.
  • Control the volume.
  • Use full screen mode.
  • Use the ‘Picture in Picture’ this allows you to view a bigger screen and still be able to talk in the group discussion.


You can upload pictures, videos, posts and even do live streams for your fans connected to your account.

As a Creator you earn 85% on all subscriptions and tips. We payout 85% commission on all subscriptions and tips! We take less than the competition who take anywhere from 20% to 25% out of your earnings.


Your Creator account content is not visible to anyone unless they are subscribed to you. When a Fan clicks on your account the only thing they’ll see is your profile picture and cover image. They’ll also be able to see 3 profile pictures you’ve set to be visible by anyone.

Absolutely! You can block users as well as block an IP or country from viewing your profile.

As a CREATOR, we know the risks associated with this line of business – especially for the performers who are at the front-line. That’s why we take the security of your personal information very seriously and we never share them to any third parties.

In particular, here are some measures we’ve taken to guarantee your safety:

Identification documents are stored encrypted on a specific server at Amazon (the leader in cloud computing) so that a hacker would need to hack Amazon – not us – to get your documents, and even then he wouldn’t be able to read the files.
We’ve installed a 256-bit SSL security certificate on IndieBill so that whenever you send or receive data which is potentially sensible from us, it is encrypted. You can check our certificate by looking at the green lock in your URL bar.

Your Fan Page is visible to only members who are subscribed to your monthly subscription. A member who is not subscribed will only see your profile picture and your bio.

Privacy & Security

Fansconnected is a standalone platform and does not share any of your information with any third party apps.

Referral Program

Login to your account and on the left menu you’ll see ‘My Referrals’ menu button. Copy & paste this link and share it with anyone.

All earnings you make through your referrals are processed on the 5th of every month for the prior month. Funds are deposited to your bank within 3 business days afer the 5th of each month. If you fall below the minimum payout threshold then your current referral income will roll over for the next month until you earn enough to receive payout.

The FansConnected referral program allows existing Content Creators to refer their fellow Content Creators. As a referrering Content Creator you will have the opportunity to earn an additional cash bonus once they start earning from their subscribers. You earn 7% of all income made by Content Creators who joins FansConnected.io using your referrral link.