Pricing for Content Creators

To start and run a FansConnected account is absolutely FREE for everyone. As a Content Creator, you set your own monthly subscription price for subscribers to view your profile content.

Below you can find a helpful tool to play with – just move sliders to change subscribers’ number and Subscription Fee. You can use it as a reference in order to estimate your potential monthly revenue.

Subscribed Fans


Subscription Cost (USD/month)


Monthly earnings will depend directly on the number of subscribers that are subscribed on your FansConnected profile and on the Subscription Fee that you set.

There is no limit to the number of subscribers nor for the price you set – you can grow your business freely.

You can change your Subscription Fee at any time.

FansConnected charges a flat Service Fee of 15% on every transaction that occurs on your account, which is deducted from Creator’s earnings.

Please note, all payouts require a minimum of $100.00 earned within a pay cycle to receive payment. A Pay Cycle is equivalent to 1 week or 7 days. If your balance is less than $100.00, your payout date will be postponed by 1 Pay Cycle or until you reach the $100.00 Payout threshold.

If you are located in the United States, payouts are made weekly, on Friday via ACH transfer directly to your bank account. ACH Transfers can take up to 2 full business day to be executed by your bank and funds to appear in your account. If ACH transfer is not an option for you, you can contact us and we can make special arrangements for you to receive your earnings.

All Content Creators within the United States who earn $600.00 or more in a fiscal year using FansConnected.io, you are required by federal law to provide a W9 & tax information to FansConnected and report earnings from FansConnected on your tax filing. 

All Content Creators located outside of the United States must adhere to local Tax Code and report VAT or Federal income tax in your country. FansConnected is not liable for withholding or reporting any taxes for international Content Creators.


Pricing for Subscribers ‘Fans’

Subscribers will be billed with Subscription Fee that stated on Content Creators profile page.

For example, if you see “Subscribe for $10/month” on a Creators profile, upon subscription you will be charged $10 monthly until you cancel this subscription.

*Estimate consist of how much you can earn from your followers subscribing. The amount calculated does not include additional generated from other features that is available.

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